Read up on What’s a Vizsla. There is a lot of information available and it can sometimes be difficult to determine if the Vizsla is the right breed for you. Prepare a list of questions and come to one of our meetings or events. Members are more than happy to talk about the breed – both the good and the not so good – and to be available to answer questions you have.

We can refer you to breeders who have agreed to the Twin Cities Vizsla Club’s code of ethics.  We’ll also provide a list of questions that we recommend asking when you talk with breeders, to help ensure that you find the puppy that is right for you.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Vizslas.

We strongly recommend that breeders and buyers verify passing OFA ratings at Under the Code of Ethics of the Twin Cities Vizsla Club and the Vizsla Club of America, dogs used for breeding must be at least two years old and have been x-rayed and OFA-certified as free from hip dysplasia. In addition to hip certifications, the OFA database also provides test results for other health concerns including thyroid, eyes, heart and elbows. For more detailed information about health clearances, please click here.

Would you like to request a list of breeders with current or planned litters? Fill out the Breeder Referral Request form.

Additional Forms:

Breeder Checklist

OFA Hip Information