Looking for a vizsla that has been rescued and is looking for a new home? A rescue dog is one that for whatever reason could no longer remain with the original owners, and may currently be in a loving foster care home. We occasionally have Vizsla’s of all ages that need a new home.  If you are interested in a rescue Vizsla, please fill out an adoption application.  We do not ship our dogs.

TCVC Rescue is run by volunteers.  Please allow up to one week for a rescue coordinator to review your application and contact you.  If you do not hear back from someone, please contact us.

The TCVC Rescue will also contact area shelters if they are housing a Vizsla.  If you are able to confirm that a Vizsla is in a shelter, please contact us with information as soon as possible.

Megan Smith 612-968-5531
Kathy Hartman 612-812-3697

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