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The Twin Cities Vizsla Club is a small, regional club full of volunteers who are passionate about one breed - the Vizsla. Our talented members work tirelessly to host regional and national events and provide breed education. We also help rescue and rehome displaced Vizslas and find them their "forever homes".  

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Are you passionate about your dog’s breed? Ever consider getting involved with your local breed club? It may feel intimidating thinking about joining a breed club. However, these local chapters of the national breed clubs, or parent clubs, are filled with dog lovers just like you. Getting involved is a great way to make new local friends and find out about fun breed-specific events and training opportunities in your area. Breed club members are dedicated to the education, training, care, and overall well-being of that breed. Experts who are more than willing to share advice are often included among breed club members. Getting involved is a great way to learn more about your dog, as well as the history and future of your breed. Also, clubs frequently organize outings and events that can be lots of fun for dogs and people. ~Sassafras Lowrey, CTDI, AKC Contributer
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