What do you need to do to join?

We are so glad you are considering joining the Twin Cities Vizsla Club! The success of our club is dependent upon the diverse group of individuals who want to preserve and protect the vizsla. Whether you show, hunt, compete, rescue, or do therapy with your dog, we want you to be involved and contribute today.


Attend a meeting!

First things first – attend a meeting. Check out our Calendar for upcoming events. Meet club members, ask us all your questions, and see what TCVC is all about! 

Membership Options

There are many ways to contribute to TCVC. As such, there are a few membership options for you to choose. Learn more now!

Complete your Application

Complete your application and turn it in to the club Secretary at the next available meeting. There will be a first and second reading of the application prior to being sent to the club membership for a vote.