What Responsible Breeders Do

Responsible breeders work hard to produce healthy, well socialized puppies. They will interview potential puppy owners, perform home inspections, and are a lifetime resource for any and all questions you have about your vizsla. 

Health and your Vizsla

In general, the vizsla is a healthy breed. However, responsible breeders perform health testing prior to breeding to keep the breed healthy. At a minimum, responsible breeders will test for hip dysplasia, autoimmune thyroid disease, and inheritable eye diseases. Additional health tests that may be performed include screening for cardiac disease, elbow dysplasia, and several others.

Looking for more information about health testing in Vizslas? Click here for more information.

Ready to Select a Breeder?

We want you get the perfect puppy for your family. But first, you need to find the perfect breeder! We know the breeders that will follow the Vizsla Club of America’s Code of Ethics and perform all necessary health tests to keep the Vizsla breed healthy for future generations. 

A responsible breeder will ask you lots of questions about you, your family, and your lifestyle so that they can make a good match! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be asking your own questions! Here are some questions you can ask the breeder.

  • How do you socialize your puppies?
  • How many litters have you bred? How many years have you been a breeder?
  • Are the sire and dam health clearances verifiable at www.ofa.org?
  • Can I visit you and your dogs?
  • What is the general health and temperament of the sire and dam? Close relatives?


This list is by no means all-inclusive. But it’s a start for you to think of your own questions. Be sure to download the flyer below for additional information.