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Is the Vizsla right for You?

Bringing a pet into your life is not a decision that should be made lightly. Knowing why a vizsla would be a NOT be a good fit is just as important as why you think the vizsla is a perfect canine companion. A well trained vizsla is a wonderful lifetime companion.

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An Introduction to Health Issues

Every pet owner wants a happy, healthy pet for life. A large part of your pet's health is proper veterinary care and nutrition. In addition to that, careful breeding practices can help achieve the goal of a happy, healthy pet. Vizslas, like all dogs, are susceptible to hereditary diseases and screening both the sire and dam for known health risks can help produce healthy pups!

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Puppy or Adult?

While raising a puppy can be very rewarding, puppy antics aren't perfect for everyone. There are several ways to get a vizsla - whether you are are searching for a puppy or an adult. We want to help you find the perfect companion for your home. 

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