Twin Cities Vizsla Club Breeder Referral

We can refer you to breeders who have agreed to follow the Vizsla Club of America’s Code of Ethics. We’ll also provide a list of questions that we recommend asking when you talk with breeders to help ensure that you find the puppy that is right for you. Request a list of breeders today!

Twin Cities Vizsla Rescue

Are you looking for a vizsla that has been surrendered to rescue and is ready for a new home? A rescue dog is one, that for whatever reason, could no longer remain with their original owners. Learn more about rescue options!

Still have questions?

Contact our Breeder Referral Chair and/or Rescue Coordinators by submitting a form on the Contact Us page.

Our volunteers will answer your questions about the Vizsla breed, breeders, or dogs in rescue. If needed, they will also get you in contact with other volunteers to answer your questions.