Vizsla is pronounced like veezshla.

Excerpt from Versatile Vizsla by Marion Coffman

Owning a Vizsla will change your life forever. The Vizsla standard calls for the breed to be “demonstratively affectionate”, and whether he is jumping up to lick your face, grabbing your wrist in his mouth, sharing your bed, dinner, chair, or lab, or just bringing a favorite toy, he is impossible to ignore.

The Hungarian Vizsla represents the best in both sporting dog and loving, loyal companion. He is the smallest of the all-round pointer-retreiver breeds and size is undoubtedly one of his most attractive characteristics.

A Vizsla holds a unique position for a sporting dog – that of both house companion and family dog, and a close-working personal gundog in the field. He does not make a good kennel dog and only reaches full capacity as an enjoyable companion when he is a member of the family. Bred and owned originally by wealthy Hungarian landowners, Vizslas were always very privileged canines, holding a high place in the Hungarian sporting circles but not expected to sleep outside at the end of a day in the fields. The Vizsla always lived and traveled with his family and was as much a family member as a child.

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