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So you want a Vizsla?

We firmly believe you should know up front all the reasons why a vizsla is not the breed for you, so you can make an informed decision for your family and a prospective puppy. But, we also know a well-bred, well trained vizsla can be a family companion for a lifetime.

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Where can you find a Vizsla?

Patience is key

Buying a puppy is a long term commitment and shouldn't be an impulse decision. Our Breeder Referral committee would be happy to connect you with a reputable breeder today! Looking for a rescue Vizsla? We can help there too.

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About Breeders

Not all breeders are the same

Responsible dog breeders work hard to produce healthy, socialized puppies. They also interview potential buyers and remain resources for buyers for the life of the dog. Learn what to expect when searching for your breeder.

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More Info For You

These are short reads, we promise

Be sure to review the article "What is a Vizsla?", the AKC breed standard, and the Vizsla Club of America's Code of Ethics.

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