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Looking for a Vizsla Puppy?

Are you looking to add a vivacious, versatile Vizsla to your life? We have information available to help you determine if you want a puppy or adult. Access our Vizsla Breeder Network via our Breeder Referral program. Consider adding a rescue Vizsla to your life. Breeder or Rescue. Puppy or Adult. The choice is yours. We want to help!

About Us!

Our club is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Vizsla. We plan a variety of events throughout the year, provide Breed Education, maintain a Breeder Network, and maintain Vizsla Rescue in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Our members are pretty busy with their Vizslas!

Come to our Next Event!

Come to our next event! Our events are not just for our members, they are open to the public. We are always looking for individuals to join our club. We do a variety of activities and hopefully something will convince you to join us. Come to a hunt test to see Vizslas do what they were bred to do; check out our Specialty show to see beautiful Vizslas and meet their breeders; plan on attending our Fun Day – a time for us to bring our Vizslas and enjoy each others company.

Consider making a contribution to our Vizsla Rescue Program.

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The Vizsla is the original versatile breed! No matter what you choose to do, they want to do it with you!