Minnesota, USA

Hunt Test

What is a Hunt Test?

Source: www.akc.org

Hunting Tests for Pointing Breeds were developed so people would have an opportunity to demonstrate a dogs ability to perform under actual hunting conditions. Judges should evaluate a dog’s natural abilities as well as those traits obtained through training.

Hunting Tests are for people of all ages, male and female and for dogs at least six months of age and older. The dogs are not being judged as in competition but against a standard designed to evaluate what each dog should be capable of doing to receive a passing score. Any child old enough to fire a blank pistol can run in hunting tests and any dog that is 6 months of age can run in either Junior, Senior or Master stakes. Dogs must be AKC registered or have an Indefinite Listing Privilege (ILP) number in order to participate. ILP’s are for dogs that do not have official registration papers but are, or appear to be purebreds for the breed so named.

Hunting Tests for Pointers are great for those individuals who want to get their dogs out into the field, on birds and enjoy fine-tuning their abilities while participating under simulated, but very realistic natural hunting conditions. All this without the added expense of having to have horses, horse trailers in which to transport the animals. At Hunting Tests, the participants all root for each others dogs, and a real camaraderie exists at these events. A lot of “high fives” and just shaking each other’s hands on receiving a qualifying score.

Each year, in the fall, TCVC hosts a weekend of hunt tests for all levels. It’s a great time to come out and see our dogs do what they were bred to do! See our calendar for more information.