Minnesota, USA

Coffee TCVC Award

The Coffee TCVC Premium All-Around Vizsla Award 

This award is a traveling trophy that may be awarded annually. The purpose of the trophy is to award excellence in conformation, hunting, trainability of the Vizsla and to promote all-around Vizslas and owner-dog companionship.

Requirements to be awarded:

  • AKC Conformation Championship (CH)
  • AKC Junior Hunter (JH) or higher
  • At least Five (5) more AKC titles in four (4) AKC event categories.

The additional qualifying titles are:

  1. Field: SH, MH, FC, AFC
  2. Obedience: CD, CDX, UD, UDX
  3. Agility: NA+NAJ, OA+OAJ, AX+AXJ
  4. Rally: RN, RA, RE, RM
  5. Tracking: TD, TDU, TDX, VSTS

For more information, click here to view excluded titles and more information on how Agility titles are counted.

Send nominations to Award Chair Paul Hussa (pagliaccidogs@comcast.net), by January 1st in order to be considered for the award.