Minnesota, USA

TCVC Versatile Vizsla Award

The TCVC Versatile Vizsla Traveling Trophy

This trophy was originated by George and Kay Noren and Nancy Staley as a way to encourage and recognize the achievements of a versatile dog.

To be nominated:

  1.  The dog must be owned by a TCVC member during the award year.
  2. The dog must have met the requirements of the VCA Versatility Certificate AND it must have gone beyond this level by demonstrating excellence in at least two areas of performance. Typically, this means earning advanced titles in at least two areas.

The VCA Versatility tests are designed to help the overall improvement of the Vizsla breed, showing the versatility of the Vizsla as a good-looking, well-mannered hunting dog. Altered or intact, AKC or ILP registered dogs are eligible for this award. The three areas evaluated are conformation, obedience, and field.

Send nominations to Versatility Chair, Beth Nash (nash@centurylink.net), by January 1 in order to be considered for the award.