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Thank you for your interest in joining the Twin Cities Vizsla Club!

When you apply for membership to the Twin Cities Vizsla Club, you agree to support and abide by the Twin Cities Vizsla Club Constitution & By-Laws, the Vizsla Club of America Code of Ethics, and the Rules and Regulations of the American Kennel Club.


  1. Decide your level of commitment. We have three levels to choose from – Regular, Associate, and Junior.
  2. Obtain a membership application from a club member or download a copy here. Fill it out!
  3. Read our Constitution & By-Laws.
  4. COME TO A MEETING. See the Events page for upcoming events. At this meeting you will meet club members, obtain sponsor signatures, if needed, and see what TCVC is all about! You will also hand in your membership application to the Secretary and submit your payment of Dues. Then your application is read to the membership for their consideration. (It’s really for us to get to know you!)
  5. At the next meeting, your application will be voted upon by TCVC members. You will then be notified of your membership status.

Maybe you’ve read the instructions, came to a meeting, but decided membership isn’t the right fit for you at this time. Consider being a Newsletter Subscriber! As a newsletter subscriber, you will receive a subscription to the quarterly “Vizsla Voice” newsletters that feature club activities, breed resources, recent awardees, educational articles, and upcoming events and activities. All club meetings, committees, events, and activities are open for your involvement and participation. You are not a voting member for Club business and are ineligible to hold an officer or board position. Your input into issues and voting items is encouraged. To see an example newsletter, please click here.

To become a Newsletter Subscriber you can sign up free by going here.

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